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When my husband and I were dating waaayyy back in the 70s, I wore an Avon perfume, Timeless. I was very impressed with my then future husband and I took great care to make sure I looked and smelled my best. I never wanted to smell like the office building where I worked with avid smokers – so I carried my perfume with me at all times. I kept the bottle in my purse and would be sure to give myself an extra spritz before we would go out.

Well, I was a teenager at the time (I was only 17, a senior in high school) when we began to date, so I probably wasn’t as careful with my things as I would be today. I am sure that I was somewhat careless with my purse and where I placed it, so of course in time the cap on my bottle of Timeless broke. To my wonderful advantage, it broke in my husband’s car leaving the broken cap hiding under the seat of his car. I say it was to my advantage because everyday when he drove his car he thought of me because he could smell my perfume...the pleasant odo…