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The Things We Moms Think!

Happy New Year!  This year has started out very different for me than I would have ever planned or expected.  Just before Christmas I was hospitalized for 4 days with pancreatitis.  I have basically enjoyed good health for most of my life, and so being so sick and being in the hospital was nothing I made provision for as I planned our family Christmas.

I was very excited as Christmas was approaching because my two oldest sons and their families were coming to our home for the holidays.  I had decorated, planned baking crafts for when 7 of our grandchildren were going to be with us.  I had all my menus planned, shopping done, and cleaned to my hearts content.  Not much makes a momma happier than having her children around. 

On the Friday before Christmas I had made my chocolate peanut bars, caramel corn, wrapped all the gifts, and pretty much finished all my shopping.  Now we were getting ready to meet the kids at Bass Pro Shop.  I woke up with a strange pain in my stomach that burned…