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Growth From My Garden

This year we planted our largest garden ever in the 35 years we've been married.  In the past we've grown a couple tomato plants, or a few zucchini plants.  One year we even tried growing lettuce – but it has always been in just a small patch in our yard.  Our current garden is pretty good sized compared to anything we've done in the past – it is our whole side yard, which is nearly the size of an average backyard!
It has been fun to see all of the plants grow from seedlings and you just can’t beat the flavor of vine ripened tomatoes!  I am sure our garden has saved us quite a bit as we haven’t had to purchase vegetables and herbs every week!  I have discovered and invented so many new recipes for zucchini – if you’re interested in any of our favorites, let me know and I’ll give you the recipes.

In addition to the wonderful vegetables, I've also gained some first-hand experience and life lessons from my garden.  Some of the obvious lessons of course would be the amoun…