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Are You Seeking?

On May 5, I had the tremendous privilege and blessing of having my daughter be our guest speaker for the Mother’s Day Banquet. Our Theme was “Will you Say I Do?” The evening was much like a wedding. We had 4 ladies in the church model wedding gowns, we had special music, and then we had special and touching moments that brought tears to our eyes. Through tears I reminded the ladies that just like a wedding we were shedding tears at the ceremony and then we would have fun and games at the reception. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, played the "Newlymet" Game (like the Newlywed Game)...and topped it all off with a wedding cake. We had a wonderful turn out and a lot of fun!

My daughter, in keeping with the bridal theme, gave us some beauty tips – TRUE beauty tips. As she was speaking she used an illustration that has stuck with me. She likened allowing the Word of God to enhance our beauty by responding to the instructions found in the Bible. She gave the analogy that if …