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It's How We "Role"

Recently my husband and I had the joy of keeping 3 of our precious grandchildren with us for a few days while our son and his wife went to a conference. We had a lot of fun with the kids, and of course as grandparents we wanted to spoil our grandkids.

On one of the days we decided we would take the kids to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and most especially to play the games. We had to run a few errands to complete a few church related tasks. Well, the boys started to get restless – they were so excited that they just had a hard time containing themselves. After being warned a few times, my husband finally resorted to warning them that if they would not behave they would not be able to go to Chuck E Cheese’s. Unfortunately the boys committed the final act that forced my husband to keep his word.

When I got in the car, (I promise I was only in the store for 10 minutes – tops), my husband informed me that we were not going. I felt badly, but honestly he felt worse! He then told me that …