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What About Joseph's Brothers?

Have you ever thought about Joseph’s brothers?  I was recently thinking about them and their story and was once again reminded of what a loving God we have.
Joseph’s brothers were jealous because he was favored by his father (a big NO, NO!) and he kept telling them about his dreams of one day becoming a prominent person in their society.  Here he was one of the youngest 2 sons, and he was telling them that he would one day have dominion over them, and that even their parents together with the brothers would bow before him.  Between their jealousy and his dreams of grandeur they hated him and could barely talk to him!
They were so envious and jealous of their brother (not to mention flat out angry at him because he was a 17-year old tattle tale in their eyes for reporting to their father of their evil deeds) that they decided to get rid of him.  They wanted to kill him, but by God’s grace he was spared of that and was instead sold as a slave!  They lied to their father and told him th…

Who Me? Couldn't Be!

“Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  YOU stole the cookie from the cookie jar!  Who me?  Yes you!  Couldn't be!  Then who?”  Remember that old game from elementary school?  Funny thing is no one will take “credit” for taking the cookie from the cookie jar, because we don’t like to admit we’re wrong, we don’t like to be found guilty; it is always someone else’s fault.  
When my children were little no matter what happened or who did what, somehow it always seemed to be one of the other one of my children’s fault.  In fact, one of my kids even went so far as to say that it was his brother's fault that he hit the ball over the fence and broke the window because he pitched it in such a way that the ball would go over the fence no matter what!  He was dead serious!
Of course Adam and Eve placed the blame on someone else even though they knew that God was all knowing and all seeing!  And…they still tried to hide and cover themselves – seems ridiculous, doesn't it?  Yet, …