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First Things First

First Things First. That’s the saying, right?  That’s the recipe for success when we start a project and set out to make the plan – we all have heard someone say, “first things first.”  When we want to organize and set up a new home, we use that same phrase.  Sounds almost redundant really, to say first things first – but, there is a reason; we don’t always want to do the things that are most important first – we want to do what we like to do or want to do first.  It is a lesson to ourselves to remind us that the first things we should do, are the things that are number 1 priority.
The truth is, we always do first things first.  By that I mean that we always do what is first to us first.  If you want to know what is really first in your life – look at your day, what did you choose to do first?  I believe the real test on seeing what is first is found by our choices. 

There are 3 things that motivate or dictate what we do:
1.Pressing things.  These are the things that we have no contro…

Empty Nest

When birds build their nests, they instinctively know that they will have to build a new nest, or remodel their nest for a place to abide when the birds fly the coupe.  One of the things that many women struggle with is what we call the “empty nest syndrome.”  As an empty nester for over 10 years, I know the syndrome well.  Fortunately, I have learned to build a new nest instead of sorrowing over the fact that my baby nest is empty.
I believe that one of the reasons women do struggle so much is because we, unlike our bird friends, do not prepare or even consider that we will have a need for a different type of nest.  From the minute, our babies are conceived they are in our hearts to stay – nothing separates us from the love that we have for our children.  However, every step in life is a step towards our children leaving the nest. 
They leave the wombThey sleep in their own bedsThey begin to crawl and walkThey go to school, get involved in sports and get jobsThey learn to driveThey go…