True Blue Love

This past week we had the extreme joy of celebrating my in-law's 65th Wedding Anniversary!  In August my parents just celebrated their 59th Anniversary and in just a few weeks my husband and I will celebrate our 37th!  We are very blessed with a wonderful heritage of marital longevity.  My grandparents were married 68 years when my grandpa went to heaven, and my husband's grandparents were blessed to see 57 years together.  

I am thankful for the example of marriage that both my husband and I have been privileged to witness in our lives that helped set a pattern for us to follow.  As first generation Christians, my husband and I have earnestly sought to pattern our lives by biblical principles in marriage and for that we are so very thankful.  The love that we share in Christ and with each other surpasses the love we felt the day we got married - and believe me, on that day in 1975, I was certain that I could not love my husband any  more than I did at the time.  I can now say that the depth of the love that we share is beyond what I ever imagined was even possible!

I am thankful that our children have been able to see that their dad and I love the Lord, each other, and that together we love each one of them -we are a unit, indeed "one."  It is our prayer that they will enjoy the same type of blessed marriage that their dad and I share...we have prayed this way since they were quite young.  We are thankful for the mates they have chosen and thank the Lord for answering our prayers for our children's marriages. 

My husband asked me to write a poem to honor his parents for their 65th anniversary.  I am sharing it with you here today because I believe that in these lines are many nuggets that help form a long lasting, loving, and happy marriage.

Dear Dad and Mom,                                                                                  
‘Twas a fateful day so long ago
With dreams so high and worries so low
Together you vowed to our Father above
For the rest of your lives each other to love
Through these many years and the test of time
You regarded your promises one day at a time
You’ve loved and you’ve honored in bad times and good
Through high times and low times together you stood
In joy and in sorrow through laughter and tears
We gather to celebrate 65 years!
We thank you for the pattern, your example to us
Of how to be faithful, work hard, love and trust
It’s never an option to just up and quit
Instead be honest, be steady, always stick with it
With Dudley Do-Right and sweet Nancy Jo
As parents you taught us and helped us to grow
And now we have families that we’ve raised to know
The love of a family and how things should go
You’ve succeeded, you’re wealthy, you’ve given so much
You’ve blessed many lives by your loving touch
And so on this anniversary known to some as “Sky Blue”
Symbolizing limitless love that’s been shared by you two
It’s our heart’s wish to honor YOU with all we can give
May you know all our love every day that we live


"For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church."  
Ephesians 5:31-21

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! 

May you all have a wonderful day!



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