I Didn't Get the Email

I didn’t get the email…but God gave me the message. This past Saturday there was a baby shower given for my daughter-in-law Mary celebrating the coming birth of my 12th grandchild. He will make the score an even 6 boys to 6 girls! It was a very nice intimate shower held at the Olive Garden, and all 12 of us ladies enjoyed our time together.

After we finished eating I overheard my daughter-in-law’s sister and mother discussing who would speak first. I really didn’t know what they were talking about and then when they looked at me I realized that they were expecting both moms to give a few words of encouragement and wisdom to Mary. When they noticed my dumbfounded look Elizabeth (Mary’s sister) said, “Didn’t you get my email?” Now, here is the funny part. Earlier in the week Elaine (my daughter-in-law’s mother) told me that she wanted to ask me something and that she would be sending me an email, and I suspected that she might ask me to give a devotion, but when I received a message asking for contact information for other family members I asked the Lord to forgive my pride in thinking they would want me to speak and gave them the needed information.

Now, even though I knew I was wrong in thinking they were asking me to speak, I still found myself pondering what I would say to Mary – in fact that morning before the shower I even almost wrote it down “just in case.” Funny thing was I kept thinking I was being ridiculous and even proud – when all along it was the Lord relating the message from the email to me, and giving me thoughts of what to say to Mary. So, when all was said and done – even though I didn’t get the email – I did get the message:) I was able to share the thoughts the Lord had laid on my heart with Mary – and while I thought I was being ridiculous – He was making me prepared!

And so…Mary (here it is in written form)

When I was a young mother of 24 (I had 2 children at the time) we were probably suffering through the most terrible recession I had ever experienced. My husband was self-employed in construction and people were not having anything done to their homes with 17% interest rates. During that year (1982) the Lord surprised us with the coming of another child! Wow – what a surprise! We were broke and my baby was only 8 months old when I made the discovery of our coming child. While others thought I was being careless, I felt that God was giving us a child to show us that He had a plan to take care of us - it gave me hope. Thankfully, that was the case and by the time our precious daughter Kellie was born (on my actual 25th birthday), business had turned around and we were able to purchase a parcel to begin to build our dream home! I have seen the same miracle happen with you and Jason. Mary – during this year in preparation to plant a church the Lord has seen fit to give you a precious child – and as He did with us, He given you manifold blessings in your lives this year as you have lived by faith. We know the miracles we have seen God perform this year- He has a special way of blessing us and showing us that He will provide for us – often in the form of a child.

So, now here you are ready to have your 4th child, and you’re a pastor’s wife in a new church and I know that you want to be the best you can be in all you do – so here are a few thoughts to remember.

1. There is no “job description” for the pastor’s wife. You are a wife that is married to a pastor. Do not try to fit in the mold of someone else you have seen because you think that is your job – your job is to be a help meet for your husband. You walk with God and let Him lead you to be what you need to be for your husband.

2. Let your kids be kids. Again, seek the Lord and let Him lead you in raising your children – don’t create unrealistic expectations for them simply because they are the pastor’s kids. Again, they are children whose dad is a pastor. Don’t let worries about appearances alter what God wants for your children.

3. None of us will be perfect wives or parents, but thankfully God looks on the heart and He knows that you’re trying to raise your children for His glory – He will bless you as you do your best to follow Him.

I am reminded of the verse in Luke that says, "And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost.." Luke 2:26 because though I didn’t get the email – God still gave me the message - and in raising children God will reveal to you by the Holy Ghost what He wants you to do. We serve an amazing God who is able to do all things!

I love you very much.


Ladies, hope you don't mind my sharing this personal note...hope it's a blessing.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Definitely a blessing, Terrie, and so true.
    So often I have seen God 'step in' when really He was there all along...I love it that it's in the "form of a child" that He has shown so many blessings...for you, your daughter-in-law and for me as well.

    Good thoughts & THANK YOU! :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing it. It touched my heart and applied to my life as well, even though I am not a pastor's wife.


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