Now What?

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that there had been a few times when dinner just didn’t happen the way I had intended. As I was thinking about my dinner fiascos I remembered one evening in particular. One of the joys that we share when our family is all together is humor – we all like a good laugh – but in truth when my kids are all together they are hilarious. On the evening that I am remembering we were all sitting at the table for dinner. In our home we always had our meals together, sitting at the table with the table set, and the food set on the table “family” style…well, I had just set our supper on the table, when my kids starting “cutting up;” our oldest son had just taken a drink of water when one of his brothers caught him off guard with something funny that he said, and as he laughed he choked on his water and it came spewing out of his mouth (and nose) all over our meal!

As I viewed our ruined dinner I thought, "now what?" and then had a rush of emotions from anger to shock and then I joined the rest of our family and began to laugh – what else could we do? It was “one of those things.” At first everyone was shocked, dropped jaws and all - but in truth it was pretty comical looking – they looked for my reaction as I was the one that had worked so hard to prepare the meal, but it was no one’s fault and there was no point in getting angry – it was far better to appreciate the humor of the situation and laugh together as a family. My husband had compassion on me and took us all out to eat – my choice since my hard work was destroyed.

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Proverbs 17:22 I imagine I could have pitched a fit and complained to my kids that their shenanigans destroyed our dinner, cost us extra money, made unnecessary work for me, etc. breaking everyone's spirits; but instead we enjoyed a nice evening together as a family filled with merry hearts and love.

I am thankful that we can laugh together, and I am especially thankful for my husband and his wonderful fun-loving spirit that led the way!

Have a wonderful day!


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