This is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made

Have you ever tried to do something that you thought was going to be a good thing only to have it wreak havoc in your day? I remember a day many years ago when my oldest son was in kindergarten, and I was expecting my 4th child. I received a call from the school nurse because my son apparently had the stomach flu - so I had to go pick him up from school. This meant I had to load up my other 2 children, and my 7 month pregnant self into the car so I could bring him home. On the ride home I thought it would be a good idea to stop and get a video for the kids to watch since one of them was sick...bad idea!

I stopped at a small local shop to get the video, and since the shop was small and the car was parked literally in front of the door I had the kids wait in the car for the 2 minutes it would take to get the cartoon. Well, I am sure that it was the longest or definitely most eventful 2 minutes of my life! First my oldest son ran in to tell me that my other son had to use the restroom, so I had him get back to the car so that he could be strapped in and ready to go; but as soon as he got back to the car, he realized that my other son (not wanting to wet himself or the car stepped out of the car and used a tree!), so he ran back in as I was finished paying to tell me what his brother had done; but then his stomach flu kicked in and he vomited all over the floor of the store! I had to first make sure my second son was back in the car, help my sick son get cleaned up and back in the car; and then the young store clerk looked at me (quite disgusted) and handed me a mop and a roll of paper towels! What a mess, here I was 7 months pregnant on my hands and knees cleaning the floor in a store as my sick and impatient children were (now honking the horn) waiting in the car! It sounds comical now, and actually I remember my sisters-in-law laughing as I told them all that befell me on that day...all because I was trying to do something I thought would be a nice gesture for my kids.

What can you say about a day like that? Well, I could think of Job 30:26, "When I looked for good, then evil came unto me..." or Psalm 35:12, "They rewarded me evil for good..." But the truth is the things that happened, happened not because I wanted to do a good thing, or because my kids wanted to do evil - those were the events of my day and from them I did learn a few things.

1. I should have taken my sick son right home!
2. While I was totally stressed out at the time, really other than having the unpleasant task of cleaning up after my son - no one was wasn't the end of the world.
3. In retrospect most things aren't as traumatic as they seem at the time - and often may be found to be comical; so instead of panicking just tell yourself that in a few years you'll be able to laugh at the situation.
4. Remember "This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

This picture was taken just about a year after the fateful day!  I was a young and busy mom and oh so happy to be thus.  You see, we lived through that day fully unscathed! 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. oh the joys of parenting. very funny story. Thank you for posting these. they are very helpful.


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