Tell Them

For 10 years my husband taught a young married couples Sunday School Class. Each week we produced a bulletin that had information for the class - a schedule of upcoming events, details about activities we were having, etc. Another part of the bulletin was different articles or devotional thoughts for the women. The article addressed to the young mothers was called "Baby Talk - Tips for Mom." When my first grandchild was born I compiled all of the articles and put them in a booklet form for my children. So for today, here is some "baby talk - tips for mom."

Tell Them

Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said, “I love my kids ...and I tell them.” It may sound silly to some, but so often though we love our children deeply, we neglect to tell them. Telling them does not simply mean saying the words. It also means showing them in your actions, by giving to them.
Here is a list of things to give:

Their needs
Thousands of reassurances of your love for them
Hugs and kisses
Your time (in playing with them, teaching them, reading to them)
Your attention (listening to them when they try to tell you something)
Disciplining them (yes, believe it or not discipline shows your child that you love them because you are protecting them from harming themselves)

Mom, love your kids...and tell them!


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