For Thy Pleasure They Are and Were Created

Some of my fondest memories of when my children were young are of the times we spent doing the simplest things. Many times our finances determined what we were able to enjoy, but I am glad that we took the time to enjoy playing with our kids. For years we went camping because it was affordable. A few times we were able to go to Disneyland and what a time we had; and then there were many times we just went to the park to play. In any case we took the time to make fond memories together as a family.I remember one time, we were playing baseball at a park, and I slid into base and broke my youngest son's finger...I felt so bad; but when our family plays we don't mess around. We are somewhat competitive even to this day, but what fun is it to play if you're not going to play to win, right?

Probably one of the most enjoyable memories of fun time was "family night." This was normally on a Friday night. I would make a dinner like hamburgers, french fries (made from real potatoes - not frozen), and milkshakes - real ones made in the blender with love, ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup. After dinner and cleanup time we would get our pjs on, get out the sleeping bags, and watch a video together, with popcorn, and of course "zerts" (dessert that is). We would talk, and laugh, and enjoy the film, and then we would all sleep out in the family room in our sleeping bags. It became a family tradition for us, and I believe that my kids have begun their own version of "family night" with their own families. Was it a big deal? Maybe not, but it was a time of fun - a time we made to play together.

So often we focus on the importance of disciplining children. We stress the importance of reading the Word of God and having prayer with our children. Playing with our children is an important part of child rearing that is too often ignored. Your children see everything you do; clean house, talk on the phone, read the Bible, watch TV, etc. They need to see that in your busy schedule they are not only included because you have to take care of them, but also that they have a major part in the time you spend enjoying yourselves. If you’ll take the time to notice, children have so much more fun playing a game or with a toy if mom or dad takes the time to play with them.

Let your children know that you enjoy doing fun things with them and seeing them have fun. So Mom, play with your kids! "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
Revelations 4:11

Have a wonderful day and go have some fun with your family!


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