The Things We Don't See

When I was young girl, probably about 9 years old, I remember a situation that occured about which I had no understanding until many years later. Most of you probably won't remember this store, but there was a store called White Front that was similar to Target or Walmart back in the 60's. I recall going shopping with one of my best friends, her mom, and 2 older sisters. I was fascinated at the many items they were purchasing for my friend before school started. Wow! I know I was kind of spoiled and my parents tried to make sure I had all I needed and more, but this was like nothing I had ever seen.

We had so much fun that day - first they took us to eat at the little cafe that was located in the store, then the shopping began. As I said before I had never seen anything like it; they must have had at least 30 outfits for just my friend! As the day wore on, we were growing tired so my friend's mom suggested that we go and wait in the van while they stood in line to pay for their purchases.

When I got home I began to tell my parents of our excursion - the great lunch, and all the clothes. I then began to describe the outfits. Now, you may not be like me, but I tend to use my hands when I talk. In fact my family often uses sound effects, and hand motions (I am sure because of me) when talking and especially when we are explaining or describing something. As I was describing the many outfits, my father noticed that I was reaching to my side and then raising my hands as though I was showing the dress; I then proceeded to describe the outfit. My father asked me why I was motioning my hands in that way and I explained that the girls (my friends sisters) had done the same thing as they showed me the outfits they were pulling out of their coats. To my father's horror, he realized that I was in the company of shoplifters! At my young age and innocence, I never had a clue of what was going on; but my father understood immediately what had happened.

The next day my father spoke with me and without giving me an explanation or reason, he told me that I was no longer allowed to keep company with my friend. You could imagine my disappointment as she was one of my best friends! In fact I disobeyed my dad and snuck to my friends house once when my grandparents were babysitting us, but as I was sneaking home my parents drove by just as I was walking out her front door...I was caught! When I got home I received the one and only spanking that my father ever gave me; but I learned my lesson. Years later (I know, I was so naive) it finally dawned on me what had happened and why my dad didn't allow me to keep company with that girl - he saw something I couldn't see, and he was protecting me.

"And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha." II Kings 6:17

Throughout our lives God protects us. We may not always see or understand why we can't do or have something, or why we can't go somewhere, or even why there is a hold up in traffic; but perhaps God is trying to protect us from something we can't see. In the verse I quoted above, the young man was afraid because he couldn't see God's army protecting him, but Elisha, the man of God saw them, and knew when it was safe to proceed, and when it was time to stop. I am glad that I had such a loving protective father in my life, and I am even more thankful that the Heavenly Father loves and protects me in ways I can't even see.

Have a strict dad, or man of God in your life? Praise the Lord - he sees things you can't and he is protecting you!

Have a wonderful day!


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