Be Positive!

Many mothers today are teaching their children to become negative people. How are they doing this? Children are being taught what they should not do, instead of what they should do. This causes them to see everything from a negative perspective. For example: Mom usually says, “Don’t hold your fork that way” when she could just as easily say “Suzie, hold your fork this way.” Of course there are times when you must say “no” but when you are teaching your child the correct way to do something, they will be less defensive if you simply show them the positive before the negative. The order should be “praise, correction, praise.” You might say something like “Suzie, you are such a big girl holding your own fork and eating all by yourself, how about holding it this way, it will work much better for you.” And when she tries it and does it correctly, then praise her for doing it correctly. Instead of Suzie feeling that she is being rebuked for not holding her fork properly, she has been encouraged and praised. Train your kids to see that learning and correction are positive things in their lives.


  1. Thank you for starting this blog. It is very inspiring and encouraging. I log on every day. Please keep it up.


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